Monday, 17 May 2010

Change of itinerary

0905, "Ash cloud closes Dutch airspace". Bugger. Time to make a plan B. First instinct is to call the train travel agents. Open at 0930. On my bike, off to Treinreiswinkel on the Singel. 2nd in line, great service, 200euro, I'm leaving tonight at 2030. Great, that's one thing off my mind.

One thing that's been on my mind is a lack of time, and, despite being unemployed, I have been rushing all week. I wanted to build a more sturdy and functional frame bag, but as I had a prototype available (of dubious quality), that task was relegated to the bottom of the list. Below are some of the items I did still need to complete:

  • finish building front wheel
  • solder light fittings
  • mount tyre
  • mount light
  • refill rear tyre with latex
  • buy food
  • install bags
  • pack bags
  • agonise over whether to take a backpack, yes is the decision
  • buy a light weight lock
  • get medical certificate
  • hug and kiss girlfriend

I'm going to try and get on here during the next two weeks for some updates. The big race is next Saturday 1300, finishing 24h later. I can't wait, I've had some health hickups along the way, but I'm confident of finishing this one.

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  1. good luck with your race. Hope you finish.cheers