Thursday, 29 April 2010

Mixed effort to Beach and around Ringvaart

After a good ride yesterday, I wanted to have a gentle spin. I'm still suffering a little from a chest infection with a bit of phlegm output. Plan was to cruise out to the beach and stay in or under Z2. The HRM was playing games and not reading consistently, so I ignored it and just went for a medium effort ride. I was aware that the PE was higher than usual for this pace although I felt OK heading into the westerly (W3) wind. Weather was great with the sun strutting it's stuff. Temperature at the beach was noticeably cooler, but my clothing was just right (undershirt, shirt, bib, armwarmers). I guess the temperature was between 15 and 20C.

I stopped in at Heemstede to visit family but they weren't home, so I continued to the baker for some fuel. Sausage roll and doughnut :O. There was another 50km back around the ringvaart and I was still feeling fine. All up, a good 100+km despite the chest issues.

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