Thursday, 15 April 2010

11/04/2010: E2/3 2:30h

This was supposed to be a nice ride in new terrain (still tarseal though). There was a NE3 blowing and with a temperature of around 7C it was pretty fresh. With a reasonable tail wind, it shouldn't have caused any issues. I'd been feeling a little unwell during the day, and this was confirmed out on the bike. The KMs didn't pass well, and with some rain expected, I was not very happy. The speed was OK, but after finishing, I felt like I'd been out for double the time.

I snapped a couple of nice shots of the impending rain, however I was never really caught by it.

The weather this time of year is very unpredictable. Don't be conned by the sun, it's still too cold for shorts.

Riding next to the snaking Ijssel river.

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