Monday, 19 April 2010

18/04/2010: E2 4hr Ringvaart and Bloemendaal

Today's ride was reminded me of the lovely weather we get from time to time here in Noord Holland. 21C was noted as I cruised past one of the small villages lining the Ringvaart canal. The summer riders were out in their hundreds, with a "hello":"hello" ratio of less than 10:1, the good weather doesn't make road bikers any more social. I spent 2 hours saying hello to every passing cyclist, ranging from weekend warrior, to cycle tourist, to commuter. Just as I was losing hope, I got a response. "Hello", "Quack". I soon spotted my error. It was duck responding, not Assos-biker.

All in, a very enjoyable ride, the start of my biker tan, nature in full flight. Nothing to complain about here, not even a flat tyre!


  1. Quack. Shout after them, as if you were in south east Asia

    'where you go-iiiiing'
    'where you be-iiiiing'